June 25, 2011

Buddy Cake Pops

boy moms rule.

i love being a mommy of a boy. at my house, it's all about swords and helicopters. soccer balls and monsters. knights and cars. i can't say enough about how great my kid is. (i know, just humor me.) the words that come out of his mouth never cease to make me laugh. he gives the best bear hugs and fits perfectly in my lap to cuddle while we watch a show. he insists on pulling up a chair to help stir whatever i'm cooking on the stove. and hauls around tools and mows the lawn with his bubble blowing mower with daddy when they're working outside. (he's even photographs his food with his little digital camera... i have no idea where he's seen that.)

it's so very sweet and hilarious to see him make little friends. one of my favorite things is to watch and listen to the conversations he has with the other little boys. these funny little social people, talking about trucks and robots and dinosaurs.

one of those friends is owen and he's turning three this weekend. owen is a sweet, gentle little guy who happens to be a big fan of buddy, from the pbs show, dinosaur train. owen's fantastic mommy and my friend, shannon, is a very cool girl with a contagious, happy smile. and she's just kind enough to humor my addiction to cake pops and agree to my offer to bring buddy to owen's party.

these are the days to remember...

Buddy Cake Pops

1       box cake mix (i used betty crocker gluten-free yellow cake mix)
1       (16-ounce) container ready-made frosting (i used betty crocker vanilla)
1       (1-pound) bag orange candy coating morsels
Lollipop sticks
(Styrofoam block)
10     dark chocolate candy coating morsels, cut in half
White Heart Sprinkles (i used wilton)
Blue Diamond Sprinkles (i used wilton)
Eyeball sprinkles (i used wilton)
Green edible ink pen
Black edible ink pen

1. Bake cake according to package instructions. Allow cake to cool completely.

2. Cut the cake into quarters. Finely crumble each quarter of cake in a large bowl.

3. Add half the container of frosting. Mix into cake crumbles until well combined. Mixture should stick together to form a ball, not too crumbly, not too wet. (Add more frosting, if needed.) Reserve remaining frosting for another use.

4. Shape cake mixture into 2-inch dinosaur head-shaped balls, with indentions where the eye socket should be (see photo above). Place on wax paper-lined baking sheet, cover and chill in fridge till firm. For dinosaurs with an open mouth, cut a small piece out of the mouth area of the ball.

5. Carefully melt orange candy coating in a deep bowl in microwave according to package directions.

6. Dip 1/4-inch of a lollipop stick into candy coating mixture; insert the stick straight into the cake ball on one end of the oval ball, almost half-way. Hold cake ball at the surface of the candy coating, spoon coating evenly over cake ball; and carefully tap off any excess. Work quickly, but not too forcefully or the cake ball will fall off the stick. Place end of stick in the Styrofoam block until sturdy and allow to dry. For dinosaurs with an open mouth, scrape excess candy coating out of cut made at mouth with a toothpick. Carefully place half of a dark chocolate candy morsel in the mouth and two white hearts into the top of the mouth to make teeth. Continue with remaining balls.

7. Dip a toothpick into the coating and use like glue to adhere the blue diamond sprinkles down the center of the face and eyeball sprinkles, with green iris drawn with edible ink pen, for the eyes.  Draw on noses and smiles with black edible ink pen.
Yield: about 20 cake pops.

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  1. I love these little guys!! These will be perfect for my nephew's birthday! Thank you for the pictures and detailed tutorial on the adorable dinos!