July 29, 2011

Robot Cake Pops

one of my favorite people in this world is kirsten. 

we met in college, where we happened to be in the same sorority pledge class. we became fast friends, spent countless hours talking, dreaming and almost getting into trouble together (though she did finally break down and get that tattoo.) we even wrote letters to each other all summer, each summer. and sometimes, even still! (wow, remember when there was no email?) shortly after college we took a long, exciting road trip from texas to new jersey together, singing and laughing the whole way. early on, i laid claim to her and have always referred to her as "my kirsten".

my kirsten has a beautiful and precious family... a fantastic husband, jerry, and two adorable boys. her oldest, zach, is turning SIX! he is such an amazing kid... he's overcome obstacles in his little life like a champ, is adored by so many and he loves robots.

happy birthday, z!

Robot Cake Pops

1       box cake mix (i used betty crocker gluten-free yellow cake mix)
1       (16-ounce) container ready-made frosting (i used betty crocker vanilla)
1       (1-pound) bag red candy coating morsels
Lollipop sticks
(Styrofoam block)
Eyeball sprinkles (i used wilton)
Yellow Circle Sprinkles (i used wilton)
Blue Candy Bracelet
Pink Diamond Sprinkles (i used wilton)
Sixlets Chocolates

1. Bake cake according to package instructions. Allow cake to cool completely.

2. Cut the cake into quarters. Finely crumble each quarter of cake in a large bowl.

3. Add half the container of frosting. Mix into cake crumbles until well combined. Mixture should stick together to form a ball, not too crumbly, not too wet. (Add more frosting, if needed.) Reserve remaining frosting for another use.

4. Shape cake mixture into 2-inch squares. Place on wax paper-lined baking sheet, cover and chill in fridge till firm.

5. Carefully melt red candy coating in a deep bowl in microwave according to package directions.

6. Dip 1/4-inch of a lollipop stick into candy coating mixture; insert the stick straight into the cake square on one end, almost half-way. Holding cake square at the surface of the candy coating, spoon coating evenly over cake square; and carefully tap off any excess. Work quickly, but not too forcefully or the cake ball will fall off the stick. Place end of stick in the Styrofoam block until sturdy and allow to dry. Continue with remaining squares.

7. Dip a toothpick into the coating and use like glue to adhere the Lifesavers as neck piece, eyeballs, yellow round sprinkles for nose, candy bracelet piece and pink diamond sprinkles for antennae, sixlets as ears and sour belt pieces as mouth.
Yield: about 28-30 cake pops.

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