about kumquat

welcome to my humble, little blog. i am gretchen.

i am a registered dietitian. unlike many in my profession, i have been lucky enough to spend most of my career in a kitchen as opposed to a hospital. though i worked in a fabulously exciting test kitchen, I now work mainly in my own both as a freelance recipe developer & food stylist, and as a mommy. 

i recently had the opportunity to publish my first book! Fast & Simple Gluten Free was such fun to create.... but mostly i am grateful that through it i have the chance to share the hope of eating delicious, quick and easy, gluten-free food.

i am married to derek, a beautiful giant of a man who looks like equal parts superman and don draper. he's a military man. serves his country. makes me proud.

we have an amazing little guy who just turned 5. he makes me smile everyday. and is a good eater.

we also now have a beautiful baby girl! she is my sunshine.

 several years ago, after countless bouts of health issues, i stopped eating gluten. almost instantly my body felt like new. i've not turned back. and i've not felt deprived. usually.

why kumquat? because i love the citrus-y freshness and tiny simplicity of the fruit. plus i've always thought it was a fun word to say. 

currently we live in the sweet town of charlottesville, virginia leavenworth, kansas northern new york. but we move. a lot (obviously). maybe i should have called myself the gluten-free nomad.

nonetheless, i hope to fill this blog in the passing months with delicious recipes, beautiful photography and brilliant health tips. or maybe just a note or two.

feel free to contact me, if you feel like it. gretchen@kumquatblog.com

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i am a co-founder of blog brûlée!


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